Ibiza in 20 Photos

Ibiza, the White Isle, is one of the big 5 Mediterranean spots: Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez, Capri and Ibiza. Those are the big ones if you are a lover of sun, sand, and celebrities. (No just kidding, don’t worry, these beautiful places aren’t stuffed with Page 6-ers all year round, and I’ll tell you when to go to avoid those crowds). If you haven’t been to Ibiza yet, I’m sure these photos will convince you to make the plunge this year.


When to Go 

We are actually coming up on my favorite time in Ibiza—Easter preview week. If you’re going to Ibiza I’m assuming that you will be going to a few of the famous nightclubs. Which means that you need to go at the perfect time during the shoulder season in order to avoid the massive crowds that are there in July, but at the right time so that places are actually open. During the week surrounding Easter many clubs will have special “preview parties”, which makes this a great time to visit. However, late April/early May is also a great time because even more places will be open and the weather will be fantastic! And you may even have some of these gorgeous beaches all to yourself.


Let the wanderlust wash over you like the warm water of the Mediterranean that you could be swimming in right now if you were in Ibiza!

A gorgeous sunset overlooking Ibiza Town. 


You need a car in Ibiza–drive to all the hidden beaches. 


One of those hidden beaches near Portinatx. 


The water is perfect for swimming, even in April. 


Like I always say, you can never have enough beach pictures. 


Ibiza truly is a wonder. 


When you drive around you will see tons of olive grooves. 


Ibiza Town is a typically Mediterranean town: palm trees, cafes, white buildings. 


And when you get hungry, remember you are on an island–seafood!


And finish with flan!


You have to stop by Pacha, the home of House music.


Famous Djs are always playing. This is Solomon + 1’s show. 


Back to the beach! This is Salinas beach. 


While you’re on Salinas, hit up the Jockey Club for lunch. 


On Ibiza, you don’t have to worry about “seeing all the sights” because they are all gorgeous!


That turquoise water is the best. 


Sunsets are also a must-see on the island. 


Most hotels should offer a very generous Spanish breakfast. 


You’ll find plenty of sun, fun and blue skies in Ibiza!

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  1. Great posting, thanks…truly beautiful island, been there 3 times last year, but I have family there so no celebrity-hunting ;-). Enjoy!

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