Girls Trip to City of Brotherly Love

Philly is just a hop skip and a jump from Boston, so it is the perfect girls weekend getaway destination. And yet not too many Bostonians look at it that way. The quick flight, the foodie haunts and all the art you could ask for make it the perfect weekend escape. Read my recent itinerary from a girl’s trip that I took to the city of brotherly love last month!

Friday Night

Grab your bffs and jump on a commuter flight from Boston to Philly. Less than an hour away by air, what could be better?

When you touch down, you need to head to the Warwick. Centrally located in the best neighborhood, Rittenhouse Square, the Warwick is the perfect choice for a wild weekend with the besties. With spacious rooms and an executive lounge, it is a great home away from home.

After you freshen up, head out to dinner. And there are some fab hotspots nearby. Philly is such a foodie city, you really can’t go wrong. A cool spot with an excellent tasting menu is Harp and Crown. And it just so happens to be less than 5 minutes walk from the Warwick.


Saturday is the day to hit the town! I don’t know about you but I always like to start off a big weekend away at the spa. What a better way to relax? And so we headed to the Rittenhouse Hotel and Spa for some massages and relaxation time!

After a wonderful massage, we headed up onto the roof deck to enjoy the late summer morning. What a perfect place to relax with a cup of tea and to savor the beautiful day!

Then as we walked back to the hotel, we just had to stop in some of the many lovely little boutiques on the way. And you’ll see that we picked up some fab treats that we could put to use right away that day!

After a little shopping it was time to go out an explore Philly. We had a few musts on our lists. And at the top of that was the Philly Art Museum. Not only is this the location of the “Rocky Steps” but it is also one of the top museums on the East Coast, so we just had to check it out. And of course once we were roaming around we just had to examine all the Impressionists paintings, which happen to be my favorite!

Picked up my “reading glasses” in Rittenhouse that morning.

After a jaunt through the giant museum, we headed out towards Boathouse Row, which is located just behind the museum. Boathouse Row happens to be one of the most scenic spots in town, and it’s easy to see why!

Now, since this is an itinerary for a girl’s weekend, how can we only hit one spa? Before dinner, we wanted to freshen up, so we headed to Rescue Spa just a few minutes away from Rittenhouse Square. After getting some glam nails, we were all ready for a night out on the town.

Saturday Night

Philly is one of those cities where there are always a million things going on. And in September this year, there was a public art exhibit going on called Fireflies and we were lucky enough to participate on the way to dinner!

Philly is a foodie city so there are so many choices available no matter what neighborhood you are staying in. But since we wanted to really explore Rittenhouse, we choose Square 1682. Serving up solid new American cuisine, Square 1682 is the place to get the night started. We tried the steak tartar, the risotto, corn ravioli and the ribs. All hearty, tasty things to prepare for a night out!

After dinner we headed to one of the hottest spots in town, Assembly Rooftop at the Logan Hotel. The view, the drinks and the atmosphere are just what you want on a late summer night. So whether you are a local or a visitor, grab a few friends, get a table and just enjoy the night.

Sunday Morning

Sundays on girls trips are usually for sleeping in. But when its time to venture outside again, the place for a detox brunch is P.S & Co. A fantastic vegan spot, on the cutest little residential street was straight out of Beacon Hill, the restaurant serves up some beautiful smoothie bowls, veggies burritos, avocado toast and all the other trendy delights that you could imagine.

After a fun filled weekend in Philly, it’s hard to see why more Bostonians aren’t flooding Philly every Friday to Sunday! So take advantage of this hidden gem and visit Philly this fall!