The New Downtown Boston

Over the past few years, Boston has reinvigorated its “Downtown”. The area all us locals call Downtown Crossing is now the happening place it always deserved to be. With new hotels, restaurants, and shops, Boston’s Downtown is thriving. Here’s my guide to Boston’s Downtown!

Where to Stay

A strip of sidewalk that has been covered in scaffolding for what seemed ages, is now home to the fabulous Godfrey Hotel. Housed in a renovated historical building, the Godfrey does a great job of balancing old and new. With a chic lobby and entrance, the art deco building is funky and cool.

And if you are lucky enough to get a room on a high floor, you will have a lovely view of the neighborhood. On our recent visit, we had this amazing view of the cityscape in the morning and very Manhattan-esque view in the evening.

The Godfrey was an amazing addition to the neighborhood not only for its beautiful accommodations, but also for what it brought along with it. With two world class eateries housed in the same building, the Godfrey is a bit of a hub. Ruka Restobar and George Howell coffee are chic, tasty additions to the area.

After you roll out of bed in your stylish Godfrey suite, you can run downstairs for a cappuccino at George Howell and on your way in at night, stop off at Ruka for some yummy bites.

Waygu rolls from Ruka

What to Do

Downtown Crossing is once again a shopping destination. The newest kid on the block, Primark is the biggest draw of them all. The Irish fast fashion house is just the kick start the corner needed. The stylish brand draws in cool kids from near and far.

And after you have shopped till you dropped, reenergize with a hit of exercise at the Equinox Sports Club on Avery Street. With an Olympic sized pool, squash courts, a spin studio, 2 yoga studios and a roof deck overlooking Boston Common, Equinox is the final word in luxury fitness.

Where to Eat

Downtown Crossing is home to so many new and exciting places to dine. Like I already mentioned, Ruka and George Howell are located in the Godfrey building. But nearby, we also have Pabu, another amazing Asian fusion offering. Located in Millennium Tower on franklin Street, Pabu is the place to go for s stylish night out.

Sushi is one of the things that Pabu does very well!

Downtown Crossing is the newest old neighborhood in Boston. This winter, we should all head downtown!

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