3 Hours in Dijon


Have 3 hours free in the Burgundy region of France? Why not stop off in Dijon? Great food, amazing architecture and even better mustard.


And since most of Burgundy looks like this, you may be in the mood for a town, who knows.

When to Go

Dijon is the capital of the Burgundy region of France in the eastern part of the center of the country, so the temperatures can drop in the in the winter and get really hot in the summer so spring and fall are your best bets. However, since this is a less touristy area of France, you shouldn’t run into crowds that are too obnoxious any time of the year.



You know the vibe is good whenever you see an old lady drinking a beer outside at 1 in the afternoon.

What to Do

If you find yourself in Dijon for 3 hours, my suggestions are: go to lunch, buy some mustard, see some buildings and stroll through the quiet streets. First things, first, where should you eat?

Where to Eat 

I highly recommend this café with ample outdoor seating, Le Café Gormand. Excellent prix fixe menu, beautiful views of the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy and just an overview superb French café experience. And you can even email them to make a reservation!


Not a bad view from lunch—The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.


First course: Bistro salad (with traditional Dijon vinaigrette) and a ham and cheese quiche.


A traditional Burgundy-style pork stew with vegetables and noodles. Delicious!


How much more French could this be? A Nutella doused crepe to wrap up the meal.

Where to Go 

If you didn’t eat lunch at Le Café Gourmand, you need to venture to this square to see the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy; it is a site to be seen and the perfect place to unwind with an espresso after a long day of traveling. Just sayin, you should really just have lunch where we did.


I do like a good palace.

After you have taken in the palace, just use the rest of your short break in Dijon to wander the streets. This city is so peaceful you will love it, many pedestrian only areas where you could wander for hours. Be sure to hit up at least one mustard store though, they all have samples of the dozens of Dijon-mustard varieties, be careful some can get spicy!


Once you’ve encountered a few busy European streets, you’ll appreciate the quiet ones.

IMG_4390 (1).jpg

Great architecture to admire.


And not to mention yet another magnificent French cathedral.

Even if Dijon is just a pit stop, take the time to explore the city. It is a beautiful place that may be known for its mustard, but you will remember as a tranquil French city with architecture, food and people that will make you want to return.