36 Hours in Dublin

Dublin is underrated when it comes to European destinations. If you like London, you will love Dublin, gracious people, delicious food and amazing historical landmarks; Dublin deserves your attention.


When to Go

One downside to Dublin is that it shares a climate with London. So don’t be surprised if it is raining and 50 degrees in May, however if you are lucky the late springtime and early summer can give you some amazing days, perfect for touring the city. But regardless, I recommend bringing an umbrella. And actually, it rarely gets uncomfortably hot in the summer, so I recommend anytime between April-September for a visit.


Such a great city to just walk through

What to Do

Dublin is full of landmarks with a great deal of historical significance—St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College some of my favorites among those.

St. Patrick’s is a Gothic architectural wonder
The Trinity College campus is perfect for an afternoon stroll

But it must be mentioned that the one must for any trip to Dublin is visiting the Guinness Storehouse to learn how to pour the perfect pint ‘o Guinness (trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks).

The Guinness Academy teaches you how to pour like a pro

Oh and if you have time, the Jameson distillery is a must for anyone who enjoys a whiskey sour every now and then.



Visiting the “Guinness Storehouse” as it is called is such a fun experience. Even if you go into it “not being a beer person”, you will come out a Guinness fan. First, you should take a tour of the storehouse, where you will learn all about the history of Guinness and the process by which it is made.


You learn all about what gives Guinness that silky smooth taste

And then after you have a little more background and have taste tested a few varieties, you should go upstairs to the “Guinness Academy”, where an instructor will show you the proper way to pour a Guinness from the tap.


First you pull the tap towards you and fill until the bottom of the harp. 

The Irish take their Guinness very seriously; it is a 6-step process taking just about 2 minutes to get the perfect pint of Guinness.

Dublin_197 (1).jpg

Oh and on your way out, you must take the obligatory photo in front of the St. James Gate.


After you have learned all about pouring the perfect pint, you should take a quick horse drawn carriage up the road to another landmark in town—Jameson.


This tour is going to be a little quicker, because here since we are dealing with whiskey, so they focus on how to properly taste the different varieties.


What to Eat

If you spent your day touring Guinness and Jameson, chances are you will be in the mood for a hearty meal. Dublin is well prepared for that. One of the best ways to find great food and to experience “traditional” Dublin is to just eat at one of the hundreds of pubs in town. Whether you go for the popular Temple Bar area or more off the beaten path you can’t go wrong.

The best steak sandwich you’ll ever have at the Auld Dubliner.
A classic meat pie from the Porter House Brewing Company


Where to Stay

Dublin is a walkable city, so you need to stay right in the center of town. You will love the energy that this city has, so you might as well be there to enjoy it. I highly recommend the Westin Dublin. Next to Temple Bar, Trinity College and the Parliament, the Westin will give you a great home base to explore all that Dublin has to offer. (300+ in the summer)

Ireland truly is the Emerald Isle