36 Hours in Zurich

Zurich is sophisticated, clean and beautiful. And it is a place you need to add to your travel list for this year! With mountains in the background, the lake in front of you and world-class shops on all sides, it is a metropolitan must!

Friday Evening

Whether you are arriving by plane, train, ferry or car, you’ll find that Zurich is extremely accessible. At pretty much the center of Europe, the city is very well connected. So no matter how you arrive, you’ll want to pick up a ZurichCard, which will not only give you access to the city’s public transportation, but it will also give you access to many of the museums and points of interest in town.

After you check into your hotel, we tried out the Kameha Grand, an Autograph Hotel, head into town for dinner.  As with all Autograph Hotels, the Kameha had a wonderfully funky vibe, undoable playing off Zurich’s adoration for banks. We stayed inside a bank vault!

Being the Swiss German city that it is, Zurich is more similar to Munich than Paris when it comes to food, so expect a lot of brats and wursts at dinner. Afterwards, take a lovely stroll around the lake, as the view is just amazing!


Wake up early because if you are here to shop, this will be your only chance as all the shops are closed on Sunday. Zurich has to be one of the best places in Europe to shop, not only because of the selection of boutiques, but also because of the quality of those stores. While you can find a Chanel store in almost any major city around the globe, the knowledge and quality of service you receive in Zurich has to be in the top 3 I’ve ever had.

And with the current exchange rate, buying in Swiss Francs is close enough to the Euro for Americans, that the little bit extra is definitely worth it. Trust me, you will be amazed with the service you’ll experience at any of the high end shops on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse (the main shopping street).

The Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street

After a day of perusing and shopping, you might want to just go back to your hotel for a quiet dinner, like we did to rest up for a day of sight seeing on Sunday. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Restaurant L’Unico at the Kameha Grand.


Sunday is the day to see the city in Zurich. Again, this is anther time when the early bird gets the worm, because the lake is just so beautiful that everyone wants to enjoy it, so get up and beat the crowds.

Then, head to the old town to check out the quaint little winding streets. Zurich is such a walkable city you can make it to all corners in one day.

After that you need to head over to the Lindenhof, which is the site of an ancient Roman ruin because it has the best views of the canal and of both sides of the city. Trust me you wont be disappointed.

Zurich is a gorgeous city that definitely deserves at least 36 hours of your time!

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  1. the place sounds like heaven on earth..i wish i could visit there at least once in my life

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