5 Stars on Lago di Como

Home to George Clooney, beautiful views and that glorious Italian sunshine, Lake Como is an absolute must for the luxury traveler. And the place to stay is the Casta Diva Resort and Spa. Formerly a private villa owned by opera singers and haute couture designers, Casta Diva delights the senses.


Even arriving is grand at the Casta Diva Resort. You drive in through a winding driveway down to the lake. You just know you are about to be somewhere special. The details inside speak to the history of the home, Italian glamor at its best.

And then once you arrive at your room, whether you are in the main house or in one of the other buildings, each room and suite has an amazing view of the lake. And it is so clear why George Clooney likes it here so much!


The second delight of the senses comes when you dine at one of the on property restaurants. Starting with breakfast, the fresh fruit, pastries and breakfast pizzas are a luxurious way to start the day.

And then when it is time for dinner, you must experience all that Casta Diva has to offer at the Restaurant l’Orangerie. Each course is a work of art.

We chose to do the “Il Lago” tasting menu. We started with a perfumed fish mouse, moved on to a risotto, and then an artichoke pasta and finally had a millefeuille of fish before the dessert courses.


A sunny day in Lake Como is hard to be beat, so definitely take some time to soak up some sun in the floating pool! Yes you read that right, there is a floating pool actually on Lake Como. Hear the waves crashing against the pool and just relax and enjoy Lago di Como.

And then when you walk back into the main building you will hear some delightful opera music playing in the hallways and it is all just about as perfect as it gets.

View from the pool


To delight your sense of touch, I highly recommend getting a spa treatment at the world class spa on site. The masseuses are excellent, after a day of traveling it was just the thing I needed to unwind.


And finally, smell. Smell tends to be one of the most evocative senses even if we don’t realize it. When you smell that perfect breeze off of Lake Como as you stroll through the grounds of Casta Diva, you will be amazed at just how luxurious that simply a smell can be.

Casta Diva is certainly a must see for any luxury traveler.