Yes I Cannes

The French Riviera is never a bad idea, especially in the summer. There is a reason why the French Riviera has been a bastion of the jet set for decades—as soon as you touch down in Nice, an overwhelming feeling of bliss washes over you. Maybe it’s the perpetual sunshine or the warm breeze blowing off the Mediterranean or the amazing food, whatever it is one visit and you are hooked.

Getting There

From Boston, getting to Cannes is actually quite easy, with British Airways’ new A380 flights; it is possible to travel to Cannes in a style that the trip deserves. With convenient routes several times a week to Nice (with just 1 stop in Heathrow), it is possible to do a long weekend in Cannes and actually have plenty of time on the beach.

One of the tasty concoctions available at the BA Lounge at Logan

I loved flying British Airways because they really cater to the luxury and frequent travelers. The updated lounge at Logan is just perfect, serving a full dinner each evening, with a bar stocked with local favorites, and a gorgeous view of Boston, a visit to the lounge will make you forget you were even in transit, you will feel as if you have already arrived.

And once you get to Nice, hop in an Elite Travel car for a chauffeured ride into town. They are my top choice for Nice to Cannes transport; the drivers are always on time, courteous and professional.

Where to Stay

Cannes has several amazing hotels located right on the Croisette to choose from, but the one I keep going back to again and again is the Carlton. Probably the most centrally located, smack dab on the strip, the Carlton has everything you could ask for: history, impeccable service and class. Truly, the Carlton is everything you would dream it would be. The backdrop for films like To Catch a Thief and A French Kiss, the Carlton has that it factor.

And this is the view by the way if you are able to snag a sea view room:

And the views only get more beautiful as the day goes on.

But the real perk of the hotel is its beach. My favorite of the premium beaches in Cannes, the Carlton Beach is the place to see and be seen.

Where to Eat

In Cannes, as anywhere in France, meals are not to be rushed. So get ready to sit back and really luxuriate over each meal. My go-to every time I visit is Le Caveau 30. The classic Mediterranean French bistro, Le Caveau 30 is a must.

Drinks at the Five Seas Le Roof is the perfect start to any evening.

And if you are getting ready for a night out, you have to check out the Five Seas Le Roof. With a beautiful city view and even more fabulous food, you will kick off your night with a bang. The fresh burrata and the delicate salmon are must tries. Oh and the cocktails are killer!

What to Do

While I go to Cannes to luxuriate, there is one historical destination I always recommend to people visiting for the first time, the Musee de la Castre, which is home to an ancient fort and the best 360-degree view of the city and harbor.

Other than that, go to the beach, eat, lounge on your balcony at the Carlton and possibly indulge in some of the Mediterranean nightlife!