Cosmopolitan Copenhagen

Denmark is officially the happiest place in the world. So why wouldn’t you want to visit? Copenhagen or as they say it—København—is an immaculate, tasteful, cosmopolitan city. Filled with culture, warm citizens and designer goods galore, Copenhagen is a chic travelers dream.

When To Go

Copenhagen has a typical Nordic climate, very cold winters and warm summers. So it really depends on what your itinerary is going to be to determine the prime time to visit. Copenhagen has some of the most amazing Christmas markets in the world so don’t rule out wintertime. However, springtime is probably the best time to go if you want to do significant sightseeing.


Essential Sights

It’s possible to create an itinerary for every type of traveler in Copenhagen—style seeker, foodie, history buff—there’s a reason it’s the happiest place on earth! However, no matter what you’re into here are a few sights that you just can’t miss!

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is Copenhagen’s downtown amusement park. With rides for the whole family, Tivoli should be on everyone’s itinerary.

IMG_2264 (1).jpg
“The Monsoon”

There are roller coasters, bumper cars, and some very Danish rides—including my favorite “The Flying Trunk”, where you ride through Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales.

The Round Tower


Located in central Copenhagen, The Round Tower is the perfect stop to squeeze in before an afternoon of shopping.

IMG_2298 (1).jpg

Make sure you stop by the Kysseboeken (roughly translated to Kissing Booth #cute)


Since Denmark is a monarchy there are many beautiful palaces to ooh and ahh at. Here are some that you should really make time for!

IMG_2347 (1).jpg

Amalienborg Palace is located right downtown and you can drive through it. Fun fact, you can drive through it but you aren’t allowed to stop your car, so don’t be surprised if your tour guide drives very slowly through the grounds.


The Eremitage Hunting Lodge is a beautifully restored palace in Deer Park north of Copenhagen. Deer Park is open to the public year round, and is perfect for walking or riding bikes or even riding horses.

IMG_2438 (1).jpg

Fredensborg Palace is an official royal summer residence open to the public. With gorgeous grounds and gardens, if you visit in summer months you should definitely take a guided tour.

A Fairy Tale City

IMG_2388.jpgCopenhagen is such a perfect city that it should be no surprise that it is literally the home of most of the fairy tales we all know and love. Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid is even immortalized in a waterside statue.

Where To Stay

In Copenhagen, for the luxury traveller the essential hotel is Nimb. Located in the Tivoli Gardens, Nimb is the finest hotel in town.

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While that level of luxury does come with a luxury price tag ($1500+/night), you will not be disappointed. And you will even have your own flock of exotic birds to keep you company while you’re there!

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