That’s So Boston!

Boston is a city that juxtaposes old and new. It’s filled with history, but also has dozens of trendy new hot spots! Lets take a look at the must see places that are worth a stop on your first trip to Boston.

The Union Oyster House is America’s oldest restaurant


Boston was home to many of our country’s founding fathers and therefore there are countless world famous colonial-era landmarks to check out. But if you are not a local, seeing all these sites can be daunting. Luckily, we know that in Boston and created a unique solution!

Boston Duck Tours 

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A Duck Tour is unlike any other tour you have taken. Even though they are for tourists, they condense down the Boston experience to a fun-filled 80 minutes. The duck boats are WWII style amphibious vehicles, meaning that they can travel on land and in the sea. So yes that means your tour will include driving through the streets of Boston and the Charles River!

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The “ConDUCKtors®” are well versed in Boston’s history and give riders a great overview of the sights you pass. And I have to mention that the ConDUCKtors® are probably just as worthwhile of a sight to see as many of the stops on the tour itself! They are hilarious!

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What You’ll See 

Duck Tours drive by many of the famous historical sights in Boston. Here are a few that you might see:

So Many Places to See!

Boston has so many sights to see, but as I always say, you should never try to cram too much into one vacation. And since Boston is consistently voted as a very walkable city, you should be sure to leave time to just wander around and explore. But a great way to make sure you do hit all the highlights is to get a Go City Card. It’s the best way to see multiple attractions for one reasonable price. There are several different options to choose from depending on how many days you will be in the city and how many sights you want to visit. I definitely recommend getting one if you are planning on visiting several sights.

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Take a sunset cruise with your Go City Card for the best views of Boston

New Boston

While I love and appreciate all the history that our city has to offer, Boston is a living, breathing, vibrant place to live. So after you have received your education on the American Revolution from your ConDUCKtor®, be sure to make a few visits to ‘New Boston’ as well. In past posts, I’ve already mentioned some of my favorite new places in the city like: the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and the Roof Top Pool at the Colonnade Hotel. Boston has so many cool new places!

IMG_0109 (1).jpg
Start with some stylish drinks and apps at Outlook and then head to the party on the roof!

One of my recent discoveries is the Envoy Hotel. A chic new hotel located in the Seaport, the Envoy has two amazing dining options that are so much more than just hotel restaurants. Their restaurants, Outlook and Lookout, are destinations.

You’ll want a taste of everything at Outlook!
And don’t skip dessert!

Chef Tatiana Pairot Rosana’s food at Outlook is innovative and delicious and the drinks and views from the Lookout rooftop are amazing—there’s a reason the line is down the street every night!

Drinks with a view at Lookout!

The Envoy is definitely part of new Boston, but it has been welcomed into all of our old Bostonian hearts. So after you learn some history, head to the Envoy to toast the future!




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