How to Pack for a Weekend Away

Summer is here and that means sun, sand and weekends away. Whether you’re going to the Vineyard, Ibiza or Vegas, these tips will ensure you have a perfectly packed (small!) bag.

Getting Started

Whenever I’m packing for a weekend trip the first thing I do is make my bed. Why? Well think about it, packing is serious business and serious business requires a clean workspace. And where do you pack? On your bed! (If you are packing on the floor for a weekend trip you are doing something wrong, there should be plenty of room on your bed to lay out everything you need for 2 nights out of town.)

IMG_8293 (1).jpg

So the first step to packing the perfect bag for a weekend away is making your bed!

While we’re on the topic of beds, lets talk linens for a second. I recently tried “Brooklinen” and I am in love. Brooklinen is a direct to consumer luxury sheet seller based out of Brooklyn, NY and their sheets are awesome! Perfect for packing, even more perfect for sleeping.


Right now I’m using the Luxe Core Sheets in Bedford Smoke Stripe and the Window Pane duvet cover and shams. I got these as part of their Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle.

IMG_8352 (1).jpg

Packing is all about getting organized, especially when you are only going away for a weekend. By making your bed you are giving yourself a clean space to get down to business.

Your Personal Item

“Less is more” is king when packing for a short getaway. So that means the luggage limit is one carry on and one personal item. If you have to check it, it’s too big. I mean think about it, who wants to waste time waiting at luggage carousels when you have a weekend to get to?

IMG_8311 (1)

What are the essentials?

  1. Passport
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Wireless headphones
  4. Camera: everyone should have a GoPro by now!
  5. Makeup essentials: travel size perfume, a cure all powder, and a classic shade of long lasting lipstick


Again, less is more. If you have a tablet, bring that instead of your laptop for a weekend away. You can still watch movies on the plane, but it will take up even less space than you MacBook Air. Trust me, you will appreciate those extra ounces on the way home when it comes time to pack up all those completely necessary souvenirs.

IMG_8366 (1).jpg

The iPad Air 2 is a lifesaver! So light, with the longest lasting battery ever, it is a great travel companion. (Matching Beats recommended!)

The Carry On

 Think about it, in any given weekend, do you ever actually use that “back up option” of anything? No you don’t. So don’t compromise, go with your first choice for everything. Force yourself to make a statement because if you don’t have a “safe” alternative, you’ll have to go with the bold option.

Really try to stick to my “one of each” method, it will guarantee that you utilize all those wonderful clothes in your closet to their fullest potential and a perfectly packed suitcase, instead of an overstuffed one!

For example: your swimsuit selection for the weekend should look like this:

IMG_8390 (2)

not this:

IMG_8380 (1).jpg

So really think about what you will be doing on your trip and pack for exactly that. Pack what you are going to wear, not so that you can choose what to wear when you arrive.

Happy packing!