5 Reasons Why I Love November

After all the excitement of Halloween, November can sometimes feel like a let down: we set the clocks back, the days are short, and the the temperatures really start to dip. However, I actually love the month of November: the chilly nights are perfect for cuddling up with some HBO, Thanksgiving is a time for family, the fall foliage is still in full swing, hot toddies are officially in season and it’s time to plan all those winter getaways.

Fall Foliage

The beginning of November is perfect for some leaf peeping. All the hotspots, like the covered bridges in New Hampshire are less crowded. Head out on a weekend for a quick roadtrip to grab some beautiful shots of the New England scenery.

Nights with HBO

Between traveling, blogging and photoshoots, my life is pretty hectic. And on a chilly night, the best thing is just snuggling up at home with an episode of Silicon Valley on HBO Go.

HBO is perfect for anyone who is as busy as me, because all the hot shows are available on demand, so it’s there right when I want it. And HBO Go always gets all the newest movies before any other service, so it’s the first place I go when I want to catch the latest blockbuster.

And what I really love about HBO as a brand is that they are very socially responsible, in particular their Night of Too Many Stars initiave is fantastic.

On November 18, 2017 Jon Stewart will host Night of Too Many Stars on HBO, a live event benefiting NEXT for Autism. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood will come together to perform, all in an effort to raise awareness and funds for autism programs. Join the cause and you could be in the room with too many stars, live from The Theater at Madison Square Garden, by sharing a photo of the “too many” in your life. Too many shoes, too many laughs, too many shows to catch up on? Let HBO know on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #NightOfTooManyStars and #Contest.


And of course the next part of November that I love is Thanksgiving. A time to come together with family over a classic New England meal, Thanksgiving will always be one of my favorite holidays.

And shoutout to all my my millennials, if you are looking for a quick, tasty Thanksgiving centerpiece, a turkey pie from Willow Tree Farms is a great choice!

Tasty Fall Drinks

Now we all know that November is when the temperature really starts to dip, but that also means that cozy drinks filled with cinnamon, nutmeg and all the other flavors of fall and winter are back in vogue. Whether you go for a hot toddy, a cinnamon martini or something else, spice up your night with a festive cocktail!

Time to Plan Winter Trips

Winter also means winter getaways. So plan ahead and use November as a time to prep for a holiday or New Year’s trip to somewhere warm (or cold, especially if you like skiing!). Don’t let seasonal affective disorder get the better of you, lean into the chilly temps and plan something fun!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with HBO.  All opinions are 100% mine.




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