The Fall Food Guide to Boston

Fall is in full swing in New England. The leaves are yellow and red, the air is crisp and the Patriots are playing. And with every new season, comes new menus at our favorite Boston restaurants. Here is our fall food guide to our favorite city!

Outlook Kitchen & Bar – Located inside the Envoy Hotel in Boston’s seaport, Outlook is one of our go-to favorites! And we were so thrilled to try out Chef Tatiana Rosana’s new fall menu. With this being her first full menu as Executive Chef at Outlook, it was immediately clear that a ton of heart and soul went into every dish. Let me put it this way, she somehow even turned “Peas & Carrots” into something you would make the trip over the channel for!

Filet goes with fall so well!


Liquid Art House – Part art gallery, part nightclub, part fine dining, Liquid Art House is a place to go when you want to kick off a fun night out. Another restaurant with a totally revamped menu for fall, Liquid Art House seriously delivers. Updated classics and international twists on local favorites are the name of the game on Chef Johnny Sheehan’s fall menu. Pro tip: the wine selection is excellent, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations, the staff is extremely knowledgeable.

Farm to Post – Post 390, always a fall favorite, with that cozy fireplace on the first floor, wrapped up a wonderful farm to table special series earlier this month. Titled “Novemberfest”, the last dinner in their “Farm to Post” series features seasonal, fresh, local ingredients, transformed into hearty cold-weather dishes.

Empire – Fall in New England means the sun going down at 4:30 in the afternoon. And the way we like to look at that is, your night out just gets to start a littler earlier! And Empire is the perfect place to get the night started! I mean sushi and cocktails sounds like the perfect girls night out to me! Oh and did I mention they have something called the “Big Kahuna”, aka a gigantic watermelon filled with Grey Goose and other goodies?

Outlook, Liquid Art House, Post 390 and Empire are our top fall restaurant recommendations in Boston. With inventive, updated menus and cozy atmospheres, they are the perfect spots to snuggle up with your besties and ride out this chilly weather!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston! When I was living on the East Coast I meant to head out that way, but I never got around to it. But the food is making me want to fly out – great post!

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