5 Cures for the Winter Blues


Living in Boston means a beautiful but quick fall, one day you’re carving pumpkins and the next you’re shoveling snow. And like it our not, winter is already here. But that doesn’t mean the cold should keep you down. Here are 5 ways to lean into the season and cure those winter blues!

1) Dine out. Animals may hibernate this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Break out of your comfort zone and try a new place once a week, don’t fall into a date night rut. We recently tried a new place in Boston, Banyan Bar + Refuge. As die hard South End brunchers, we have a few go-tos on Tremont Street that we have been frequenting for years. But Banyan’s Asian-fusion concept is so unique for the neighborhood, we had to check it out!

The Sunrise Ramen up front and the Rock Shrimp Bon Mi in back. 

So instead of our omelet du jour that we would have ordered at our old standbys, we had a bon mi and some ramen, along with a delightful scallop rangoon dip—a wanted departure from your “typical” Sunday Brunch.

The Scallop Rangoon Dip

Oh and I have to mention that the cocktails are equally exciting #YUM.

2) Plan a vacation. If you are seriously bummed out by the cold weather, plan an escape to somewhere with sun and sand (check out my recent guides to Aruba and Curacao). And to travel like a pro this winter, invest in some sunless tanning at Pure Glow on Newbury Street. My sister and I recently gave it a try and it is honestly the most natural looking spray tan we have ever had.

As a competitive ballroom dancer my sister knows her way around a spray tan and absolutely loved Pure Glow!

And even if you aren’t going away this winter, a spray tan is a great way to lift your spirits when the sun goes down at 4pm here in Boston, treat yourself!

3) Lean into the cold and go skiing. If you live in the Northeast, you know that this is just the beginning and that the cold will be here to stay for a while. So why not lean in and make the most of it and what better way to do that than skiing?

The summit at Sugarbush. 

We are lucky to have many wonderful ski resorts within a few hours of Boston. Not sure where to start? Lagnaf Adventures and Sno-Search Ski & Snowboard Tours offer packages at the region’s top resorts and even have some fun theme weekends scheduled, be sure to check them out.

4) Start a new hobby. If you are going to be stuck inside for a few months (except when you are skiing of course!), you might as well be doing something fun. So set a goal and take action to reach it this winter. One of my goals is to become a better cook, so we took a class last weekend at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA, “Gifts from the Kitchen.”

Nothing better than cream cheese frosting and red velvet!

It was amazing! Chef Carolyn Greico taught our class how to make 5 baked goods that double as gifts. And not only were they amazing recipes, but we also learned some great baking tips and tricks to improve our skills in the kitchen. Appleton Farms, along with the other Trustees farm properties in Massachusetts have events throughout the winter, for more information visit them here.

One of the gift we made was “Hot Honey” and Chef Carolyn made us some tasty chicken wings smothered in it!

5) Indulge in some holiday shopping. We could all use some retail therapy this time of year! Whether you are shopping for yourself or your loved ones, do some in person shopping this season. With the prevalence of online shopping these days, sometimes we miss out on the fun of shopping in stores that are decked out in holiday décor. So hit some local shops this season and indulge in the festivities!

‘Tis the season for shopping till you drop!


7 thoughts on “5 Cures for the Winter Blues

  1. That sunrise ramen looks heavenly!!! It has me drooling, way better than my green smoothie this morning… I love baking during cold months to keep the blues away 🙂

  2. That’s so true about dining out and trying to get out of the house! I feel like anytime it’s raining or cold outside I just want to hibernate on my couch. Xx

  3. My friend and I decided to try snowboarding for the first time ever (We normally go skiing) and it was the worst day ever, haha! We literally almost cracked our head open because we sucked at it, lol! I love all these tips, planning a vacation is def a right idea (currently in DisneyWorld as a type)

  4. I’m definitely in the vactaion mode! and planning it keeps my mind of the cold. I’m already thinking about warm weather and bathing suits

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